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Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

 Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Careis a marvelous course to accomplish and expands your profession shape RPL specialist organization like AEC who gives propelled offices in each and every capability uniquely at Sydney and Melbourne in certainty all finished in Australia

Aims of this course:
It will give you the privilege to become a supervisor or manager with the responsibility of child care, helping in terms of establishing a safe and healthy environment, and designing and evaluating programs and certain schedule for child care. 

This certificate will assist you to prepare yourself to deal with the complicated matters which you can meet with confidence and skill. 

Studying this course
v  Developing child with care.
v  Applying &Improving skill in the professional manner.
v  Fitness program.
v  Family upbringing and cultural hospitality.

Promising Job Field
v  Children's Services Coordinator
v  Family Day Care coordinator
v  Team Leader or Room Leader in a service
v  Early Childhood Educator
v  Playgroup Coordinator
v  Assistant Director of Early Childhood Services
v  Early Childhood Educator - Team Leader
v  Early Childhood Educator - Recreation
v  Reliever in Early Childhood Programs
v  Nanny etcetera.

Correlated Course:
Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Course Duration:
AEC has a dynamic team to get qualification faster than your thought. Naturally our certification process is as faster as it gets and quite smooth as well. We will provide you this certificate within shot-span of time as your need or 1 week with the cheapest rate of all.


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